45 Simple Nail Designs for an Elegant & Minimal Manicure

45 Simple Nail Designs for an Elegant & Minimal Manicure

Elegant & Minimal Manicure: Think about it, simple nails are kind of the foundation of what we love so much about getting our nails done. They’re basically those simple nail designs that’ll make you feel elegant without having to do too much, and they’re those nail designs that you know, no matter what will always look good.

As much as I love a creative, bold nail design, there are times when I just want a simple manicure and I know a lot of us get that feeling. Especially with how these days there are so many options for what you can do with a manicure. There are so many nail designs you can try that it can get overwhelming. That’s why simple nails are such a comfort, they will never disappoint you if you decide to try one out. Think about it, When have you ever gone wrong with a simple nude almond set or a classic French manicure?

How to Do Simple Nail Designs?

It’s kinda obvious that if you want a simple manicure that shouldn’t do much with your nail designs. But with that said it doesn’t mean your manicures have to be boring! The key is choosing the right colors and the right designs that will keep your nails looking elegant and minimal. Some great colors that look good with minimal nail art, are pinks and browns, basically, any neutral or natural color will look so good!

If you want to keep your manicure looking simple, minimal, and elegant then it’s so important to stick to minimal nail art, things that are simple but cute, you know like a classic French tip or a glazed manicure. There’s honestly so much you can do while still keeping things elegant and clean and this post showcases that!

45 Simple Nails for an Elegant & Minimal Manicure

1. Short French Tip Nails

2. White Side French Tip Nails

3. Pink Blush Nails

4. White Swirly Nails

5. Yellow Moon Nails

6. French Fade Nails

7. Straight Black French Tips

8. White Chrome Nails

9. Solid Pink Swirly Nails

10. Nude Nails with Hot Pink Dot

11. Red French Tip Nails

12. Short Nails with White Swirls

13. Gold Tip Nails

14. Pink Chrome Nails

15. Gold Glitter Tip Nails

16. Sheer Coffin Shaped Nude Nails

17. Classic French Tips

18. Pretty Pink Short Square Nails

19. French Fade Nails with Gems

20. Solid Blue Swirly Nails

21. Glittery Black French Nails

22. Brown Neutral Gradient Nails

23. Red and Gold Side French Nails

24. Nude Almond Nails

25. Reverse French Manicure

26. Gold and Peach Side French Manicure

27. Glazed Donut French Tip Nails

28. Glazed Cream Nails

29. Electric Blue Short Square Nails

30. Black Nails Manicure with French Tip and Reverse French Tip Nails

31. Purple Ombre Nails

32. Pink Outline French Tip Nails

33. V-Shaped French Nails

34. Lilac Nails with Black Dots

35. Pink Swirl Nails

36. Black Side French Nails with Silver Outline

37. Coral Nails with Little Daisy Nail Art

38. Nude Jelly Nails with Glitter

39. Yellow Manicure with Two French Tipped Nails

40. Milky White Almond Nails

41. Pink to White Ombre Nails with Single Gems

42. Purple to White Ombre Nails

43. White and Gold Swirl Nails

44. Nude Nails with Cuticle Gems

45. Black and White V Tips

Black and White V Tips

46. Brown French Nails

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